Photo gallery of Yuco

We welcome you to Yuco's photo gallery. All these pictures are autentic photos, that we, Yuco's parents, took of him, to keep an unforgettable memory. It is with pleasure that we share with you these pictures which represent all wonderful moments spent with our adorable four-legged friend. The water, the snow, the grass, the fields, the forest, these are all places that Yuco loves and where he spends wonderful moments that make him really happy. It's hard to say which of these places he prefers, because he is so happy in each of them. But if we had to make a choice, it would be between water and snow. We would say water for spring and summer, the warmest months of the year, and snow for autumn and winter, or whenever there is a good quantity of snow available. It is a pleasure to share with you all these wonderful moments. If you know anything about dogs, you'll see that Yuco's smile says it all. He is an adorable doggie!  Enjoy your visit!